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Group Photo1. Benny Cox2. Caryn Sanders-Truitt3. Steve Weaver4. Barbara McKay-Wood5. Robert Wood6. Bill Ford7. Richard Schwab8. Monte Newman9. Josie Escalona-Gomez10. Johnny Van Court11. Steve Kelton12. Pete Schultz13. Tommy Parrett14. Bill Givens15. Conrad McClure16. David Lumbley17. Danny Williamson18. Brent deMoville19. Lydia Cardinas-Dillard20. ?21. ?22. Berta Torres23. Suzanne Slagle-Wessels24. Virginia San Miguel25. Olga Cajas-Colorado26. Esther Trevino-Esparza27. Minnie Samaniego-Acevedo28. Ora Aranda29. ?30. Mike Williams31. Chris Ostrander32. Jay Witherspoon33. Jerry Schiller34. Karla Hodapp-Snell35. ?36. Jill Arledge-Simpson37. Maria Nuncio-Austin38. Beth Stringer39. Frances Murray40. Georgann Gayle-Woodring41. Kay Rogers-Gregory41. Donna Waggoner42. Yvonne Hoelscher-Scott43. Linda Milburn-Barker44. Martha Matthews-Williams45. Valene Perkins-Fields46. Johnny Hurt47. Craig Dorrance48. Chris Stone49. LaDawn Bride-Stewart50. ?51. ?52. Deborah Garvey-Pope53. Tara Marshall-McMeans54. Stancy Stribling55. Denise Lakey56. Patti Smee Scoggin57. Brenda King-Stone58. Donna Kay Jones-Moseley59. Richard Myers60. Diana Elrod-Hoelscher61. Scott Sparks62. Dick Johnston63. Gary Smith64. Gary Cole65. Barbara Lewis-Cash66. ?67. ?68. Susan Havlak-Thompson69. ?70. ?71. ?72. Kathy Sowers-Witwiski73. ?74. Marla Roberts Giddens75. ?76. Roger Albert77. Gordon Hay78. Tom McMinn79. ?80. Linda Manis-Baker81. Susan Paschal82. Kathy Winburne-Schiller83. Juanita Taylor-Eardley84. Sheryl Hart Garza85. Kathy Montgomery-Vaughn86. ?87. Karen Lester-McGinnis88. Judy Rippetoe89. Jerri Bomer-Scott90. ?91. Sue Beck-Lee92. Ruth Cargile-Skinner93. Alice Endicott-Cole94. Claudia Crawford-Malitz95. ?96. ?97. Mary Gerhardt98. Barbara Lane-Walther99. Chris Fisher-Boring100. Kathryn Barton-Allison101. Sallie Griffis-Helms102. John Malitz103. Doug Vandiver104. ?105. ?106. Debra Drake-Latham107. Sande Vincent-Harrison108. Patti Griffin-Zabecki109. Jan Talafuse-Wood110. Steve Lankford111. Ron Harris112. Don Shaw113. Benny Ramirez114. Louis Blanek, Jr.115. A. C. Massey116. Rick Roberts117. Sam Hensley118. ?119. Ed Nalepka120. Barry Abel121. Randy Young122. ?123. Mark Hill124. ?125. ?126. Bill Tullis127. John Gibbons128. Steve Grafa129. Randy Rountree130. ?131. ?132. ?133. Mike Robinson134. James Caldwell135. ?136. ?137. ?138. Jim Bright139. Dave Ensminger140. Cleave Pool141. ?142. Fr. Ted Greer143. ? 

The Class Photo
This is the class photo from Reunion 2000 and contains the names of the attendees - at least those I could identify! To see how to view a classmate's name, click here.

Each classmate has an associating number - please refer to that number when submitting corrections or to update a name that's blank. Please send me an e-mail with the correction.

Apologies for not being able to identify everyone and for any misidentifications!

View an even bigger version! (no names, 2000x1610, 306Kb)

Then, right click, select "Save Picture (Image) As..." and save the image to your hard drive.

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