Debra Buster

1952 -  2001



Debra Buster left this earthly life at 5:00am on Saturday, August 18, 2001, to join other members of the Class of 70 who have gone before her.

Mary Francis (Broome) and Chris Ostrander are true champions and the best of what makes a steadfast friend for being all they were and staying at Debra's side this last year and half. I wish to honor Mary Francis, her daughter Melinda, and give some comfort to Chris by sharing with you a poem that Mary Francis gave to my son after Melinda's death.

- John Hurt



When I am gone, I shall not die,
For I will always be close by;
I'll never leave your side at all,
But Listen - for your beck and call.

To dry your tears, you'll always find
Me near, to soothe your troubled mind;
I'll Never leave you, this I vow,
But be as close as I am now.

And when alone, you'll understand,
You'll even feel me touch your hand;
While I caress your smiling face,
And hold you in a fond embrace.

We'll laugh and talk -- just I -- and you,
And do the things we used to do.
We'll stroll along some shady lane,
And live the fun we've had -- again.

And when at night your prayers are said,
I'll gently tuck you into bed,
Then softly kiss you a good night,
And tell you things will be all right.

And when the morning comes anew,
I'll still be waiting up for you,
When I am gone, I shall not die,
For I will always be close by.

Thanks to John Hurt for contributing this page.

The webmaster would like to note that John, too, was a true champion during Deb's ordeal.

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