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Sheryl Hart Garza was most creative.  She painted a HUGE eye on one of her bedroom walls.  Just a single eyeball.  It was cool!

(Caryn Sanders-Truitt)

When your Mom use to send you to the store with a list, at a very young age
and nobody thought about kidnapping you.
Swimming out to the ski jump at Lake Nasworthy...

(Ann (Hyde) Giardini)

After graduation, wanting to get out of SA as soon as possible. That was me and now am back here after 33 years. (said I'd never do it!) I remember some things, but forget more. Cutting class and going over to the park on the south side, Name??, I can't remember. To neck, pet, smoke and do all the other "bad things"!

(Karen Laymen)

Free pizza and sodas at Shakey's when we, the newspaper staff was supposed to be selling ads during last period class.. we did.. to Shakey's.  Parking off to the right off Knickerbocker on the way to the lake near the little ponds, no man's land. Now there's apartments and fast food places as far as you can see. We thought we could never get caught. Did You? I did.

(Karen Laymen)

Getting a tuna salad sandwich and a cherry coke at Warren Drug Store in the Village. Afterwards, wed go to the jewelry store next door (Allison's) to pick out charms for our charm bracelets.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Riding on the escalator at Sears.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Going on a picnic to the Municipal Swimming Pool and afterwards sliding down the hills on cardboard boxes.

Mesquite bean fights!

Going to the Texas Theater with 35 cents to get in, plus 15 cents for a Coke and candy. One day my mother dropped me off and I remember the shock and betrayal I felt when they told me the admission had been raised to fifty cents!

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Spending days on end at the Swim and Racquet Club. No one had heard of UVA, UVB, or SPF.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Water skiing with Ronnie and Jay along the dam at Nasworthy when the water was smooth as glass.

Ronnie and I having 1-1/2 hour lunches to roam during final semester Sr. year, and our first stop was usually Taco Bell.

The Point at North Concho and the time and dates spent there.

(Sam Hensely)

Dancing or just hanging out at "The Hanger"

(Delbert Pape)

Fireworks at North Concho Lake

Wild dates at Neff's

(Nolan Garrett)

Judy Rippetoe, Debbie Drake and Karen Wells floating on the river and "skinny dipping." Getting "nibbled" by the fish.

(Karen Aylor-Wells)

Buying beer at Ave. J grocery during lunch and then have to go back to typing class

(Joe Howard)

Getting caught buying beer at Ave. J. grocery

(Joe Howard)

Laying out on the car at night looking up at the West Texas stars, getting eaten by mosquitoes, and not caring

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Building Christmas tree forts, after stealing left over trees from all the other kids in the neighborhood

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Pool jumping on hot summer days. El Patio was convenient to the Drag

(Harold W. Johnston)

Keg parties on "Roller Coaster Hill"

(Roger Albert)

High heels, dressy suits and those huge mums at homecoming - now they wear jeans and fake mums!

(Bunny Barber-Miles)

Going to Charcoal House to get a "Them" or a "Those"

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)

Driving the drag at night
(Ed Nalepka)
Meeting at Rector's Drive-in

(Ed Nalepka)

Trick-or-treating at Halloween...going inside strangers' houses & eating whatever they gave you

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

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