Posters... lots of posters (Some things don't change!)
When anything contagious could be cured by penicillin.

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

The "haunted headstone" that glowed at the Belvedere Cemetery on Arden Road. We took dates there in the hopes of frightening them into a little "protective" heavy petting! Never mind that the "glow" could only be seen from a specific point on Oxford St (because of some reflecting light source).
Metal ice cubes trays with levers, the smell of Mimeograph paper, wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside.
Tommy James and the Shondells blaring out of the jukebox at the Elk's Club pool, over and over.

Ralph Gill

Being on TV With the "Up With People" group and singing..... "Up, up, with People you meet 'em wherever you go. Up, up with people they're the best kinda folks you know.  If more people were for people all people everywhere.  There'd be a lot less people to worry about and a lot more People who care"
.....didn't think much of the theme song back then.

Thomas McClinton

Hitting the gas war sales---bargain 18 cent per gallon gas---buying another few hours cruising on Sherwood Way.

Ann Hyde-Giardini

Debbie Buster's smile.

(Greg Pittmon)

The ONLY place to go Christmas shopping was downtown or in The Village?
Lake Nasworthy drying up and you could walk across it.

(Maribeth Flaherty-Plunk)

Shopping on the mezzanine at Penney’s or Hemphill-Wells downtown.

Only two sales a year: July or January.

Catching candy (or was it those tiny loaves of bread?) from Santa when he threw them from atop Holsum Bakery.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Note: The Christmas display that was alongside Holsum's is now maintained and displayed by Santa Rita homeowners. It's viewable every Christmas along Sulfur Draw.

If you took piano lessons from Mrs. Cosper, she might have picked you up from Lee Jr. High during lunch period. She drove a white Mustang and always brought along her little French poodle Andre. She’d bring you a hamburger from the bowling alley across the street from Lee. If you took your lessons after school, you could arrive early and read her gazillions of comic books (Archie was my favorite) or go play tetherball outside. Once or twice a year there was a recital at the Cactus Hotel Ballroom and I sometimes played a duet with my sister. My parents praised our performances and clapped enthusiastically no matter how many wrong notes we hit!

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Getting your driver’s license when you were 14. They changed the law that year, so I barely made it.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Coffee houses and folksingers. Granny dresses and granny glasses.

Strobe lights and black lights. Psychedelic colors. Flower power.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

I remember Full Service at a gas station...what a treat!!

(Donna Kay Jones-Moseley)

The Jet, the Bellview, and the Rocket.
(There is another, drive-in that is, that we would probably remember from our youth. But actually there is a fifth as well. Both met their demise many years ago and were turned into trailer parks. The oldest was the Stardust and the other if we really had early keen memories was out by Goodfellow Air Force Base. They actually had a live alligator in a chain link pen. It was called the Twilight.)

Cushman Eagles.

Ambulance service consisted simply of two guys in a van or a wagon with a gurney. 

That two ended freebee utensil we used each and every day, a can/bottle opener.

The pool hall and playing on time.

The summer of 67, Drivers Ed, and all the great music as we drove - Silence Is Golden, Don't Sleep In The Subway, All You Need Is Love, Carrie-Anne, etc.

When Everything came in one flavor, i.e. potato chips, Fritos, and those great regular Doritos.

The end of two-a-days and the yearly Gandy's ice cream break.

When the last dance was always "House of the Rising Sun".

(Sam Hensley)

Soakey bubble bath and toy, Mr. Wizard, Orange gum

(Nolan Garrett)

When I was real small (knee high to a grasshopper) I remember getting and giving Indian head pennies, Indian head/buffalo tail nickels, as well as mercury head dimes, liberty half dollars, and $2 bills, etc. for change. I had a hobby of collecting coins and still have some oldies to this day.
I'm still looking for the rare 1909 S VDB Lincoln penny. Have you seen one?

(Delbert Pape)

Party lines

When Loop 306 was the drag strip and was considered waaay outta town

Two paddle electronic ping pong connected to the TV screen

Hand hockey/soccer

Listening to your transistor radio through your pillow so your parents wouldn't hear it, only to find the battery run down the next morning

(Delbert Pape)

Parking at Lake Nasworthy

(Kay Rogers Gregory)

Grandma's Chicken (across from Lee Jr High), Mr. Merton Skaggs speedy slide rule...faster than the pocket calculator. Oops, we didn't have those yet, did we?

Mr. Snodgrass's long hair (boys) and short skirt (girls) patrol

Sexiest teacher...Ms Anita Monk

Soap bubbles in the fountain

(Nolan Garrett)

The Brownwood National Guard Armory started looking kinda homey to a couple of us.

(Gary Cole)

The time before Bryant freeway south of Avenue N.

During snowy and icy days all of us in the neighborhood would use just about everything to ice skate in the streets, even old steel chair frames!

(Josie Escalona-Gomez)

Listening to "Wolfman Jack" at KOMA radio station from Oklahoma City (you could only pick it up at night)

(Harold Johnston)

Cherry Phosphates at Charcoal House

"M" system grocery stores

The day they set fire to the dried up N. Concho Lake, when Roger Allen's kiln exploded in the alley

Black rimmed glasses...the only style

(Nolan Garrett)

The first Earth Day, which was 30 years ago in April. I rode my bicycle from my house at Lake Nasworthy to Central. Now I just pay $1.75 for a gallon of gas and hope the Earth survives!

(Kathy Huff Straach)

The Thirteenth Hour Club

The Electro Plasmic Lighting Experience

Traffic jams on Johnson St. on Friday night football games

Singing songs with "crazy" Dana Murphy


(Nolan Garrett)

"Two-a-Days" football practices in August prior to the season, and "How many segments today?"; the larger the number, the longer the practice.

Saturday morning post game film review, with individual performance review.

(Ron Harris)

Remember the train trip to the football game in Ballinger when we were at Lee Jr. High.

(Martha Matthews)

When the Sowers sisters came to Lee all you boys' tongues were hanging out down to your knees.

(Martha Matthews)

Up With People!

Sing out San Angelo!

Going to trips especially the Houston trip where we stayed at the girl scout campgrounds! The good looking guys form other cities! The comradeship! What memories!

(Josie Escalona-Gomez)

Stopping at the Jiffy J on the way home from Crockett for a candy bar and a coke if mom had let you have a quarter that morning.

(Denise Lakey)

The smell of coffee roasting at DeCoty's.

(Denise Lakey)

Neff's Amusement Park

(Joe Howard)

Living on the other side of the tracks...

(Joe Howard) the drug store and reading the latest action comic

(Joe Howard)

When you got a drivers license you could conquer the world!

(Harold W. Johnston)

Getting your arm around a girls shoulder on a date was a major accomplishment

(Harold W. Johnston)

Double dating, drive-in movies, playing in "little Africa", wearing disks when you went steady, girls wearing your senior ring

(Harold W. Johnston)

Burlesons Cafe and their great pecan pie

(Roger Albert)

Pancho at Mackey's Exxon

(Roger Albert)

Rack em Buck!

(Roger Albert)

The really cool dudes sitting on B&W parking lot

(Roger Albert)

Officers Dwain Hoelscher and Travis Johnson pulling us over and taking our beer home with them.

(Roger Albert)

The crowd around the couple doing the nasty on Burger Chef parking lot

(Roger Albert)

Some fool climbing out the window while going down the drag

(Roger Albert)

Do you remember your draft number?

(Gary Cole)

A time before "portable classrooms"?

(Tommy Parrett)

Trading "disks"?

(Tommy Parrett)

Getting into the Saturday morning movie for a milk carton top?

(Tommy Parrett)

Before Wal-Mart

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

(I do... we went to Gibson's or B-W Merchandise)

REAL silver dollars, quarters & dimes (we melted them down to make jewelry)

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

A time before microwave ovens

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

Miss Marian & Romper Room

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

The last movie you saw at the Texas Theater
When there were no malls

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

When "Midnight Cowboy" was banned in San Angelo

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

The Hopalong Cassidy Savings Club

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