(For the females) ...Get completely humiliated in front of the entire student body with serious hazing, which included being in the center of a large group of upper class women, being harassed, challenged, humiliated, made to propose to the quarterback of the football team, or any other degrading act? Did we really fall for that? Oh PLEEEEEZE, tell me we didn't do that to underclasswomen!!!!!

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Get thrown in Sulfur Draw near Santa Rita by the upper-class football players, and sink to your knees in mud? (...or do the throwing?)

(Tommy Parrett)

....Jump off a bridge... on the "loop"... in the dark? (how stupid was that?...thank goodness no logs were floating by!)

(Tommy Parrett)

Drag race on Loop 306 after midnight (also stupid)?

(Tommy Parrett)

Go in the tunnel at Twin Buttes Dam spillway...
Didja' ever swim from the Nasworthy side to the Twin Buttes side by going through the sluice gate, fighting the water pressure and wondering how far it was to the surface when you got through ... WHETHER you'd get through, or if the water would suck you back into the gate and spit you out on the concrete? Once was usually enough, even for those of us fool enough to try it the first time.

(Steve Kelton)

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